PILGRIMAGES AND DIVERSITY:  Celebrating and Uniting

“New research makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially.”  (McKinsey Global Institute).

For some people, a pilgrimage is to a special place to think, recharge or reconnect with a place of significance, to bring balance to our lives. A trip to the beach or the mountains, a visit to Grandma’s or a great camping trip could all qualify. Maybe it isn’t even a physical journey but something emotional, romantic, professional, secular or spiritual.

Consider some of the different motives, practices and goals of the Muslim Hajj and the Medieval Christian pilgrimages.

  • Describe a journey you have taken in your life that was like a pilgrimage and compare how its motives, practices and goals were like you described from the Muslim and Christian traditions described in the assigned resources.
  • In your opinion is there a value to spiritual and mental release for those you might work with or supervise in the workplace?  Briefly explain.



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