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List at least 3 techniques you learned from reading Chapter 1

1.Bullet point the 3 techniques.

2.Put some your own opinion of how you use the technique, and what do you think about this techniques.

 How to assign an access key, why do we need access key? 

Study points:

1. TOE chart (by task, by object)

2. Design User Interface

3. How to assign an access key

4. Pseudocode and flowchart for each event procedure

5. Assignment operator, Val Function, format function

List three types of scope of a variable.

Study Points:

1. Declare and Initialize variables

2. Covert data type of a variable using TryParse method

3. Covert Class method

4. The scope and lifetime of a variable

5. Declare Static variable

6. Declare Named constant

7. Concatenating Strings 

8. ToString Method

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