Respond, add, disagree, agree to this post in 50 words or more and use examples from the pdf attached. Cite within your answer like so: (Mosser, 2013, ch 1.6, para 11).

Define what a theory is. Describe how you can know if a theory is valid. Offer one example of how a personal belief may differ from a theory. 

Ethics are a set of values and concepts of a group of people that helps to identify right from wrong and uses moral principals to set a decision-making framework to shape peoples character. We often use ethics as a guide of how we would like to be treated by others. 

 In order to see if a theory is valid you could use a scientific method to gather data to determine its validity (Mosser, 2013). Once the data is collected and your point is made it is considered to be a theory. Theories can always be tested in order to prove or disprove them which is the platform for further debates on issues.

A belief is a concept that you have accepted as truth regardless of having proof of the facts. People feel strongly about their beliefs and often can not be persuaded to believe otherwise because they feel so strongly about it.  A theory is composed of evidence that supports an idea but hasn’t yet been proven as fact and is always open for debate. One example of personal beliefs that  may differ from a theory is ones belief in God. There are many different theories about God to how the Bible should be interpreted but everyone has their own beliefs and theories that guide them in their faith. Some people have a  theory  that there isn’t a God at all. People have the freedom to believe what they want and have their own beliefs and I feel that freedom should not be infringed upon so long as they are not infringing upon someone elses’ freedoms. For this reason, It is my practice not to debate certain things with friends and family if I know that their position is far different than mine.  

Mosser,K., & Williamson, T. (2013). Ethics and Social Responsibility (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

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