• Using the Weekly Agenda for Week 3 complete the following requirements.  You will be taking 3 screenshots — the Windows Snipping tool is great for taking screenshots.
  1. Install Genymotion and get an emulator working.
  2. Take a screenshot of the Genymotion device manager – capture the menu bar of Android Studio in this shot so that I can see theGenymotion icon.
  3. Open the project you created for the Week 1 homework assignment.
  4. Rebuild and Run your project.
  5. After you click Run you should see the Device Chooser window.
  6. Take a screenshot of the Device Chooser window with a Genymotion emulator selected.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Your app should display in your Genymotion emulator — take a screenshot of the emulator running your app.
  9. Create a zip file of your screenshots and attach the zip file to the assignment link.

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