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For this assignment, you’ll be creating a TEDTalk, and then filming your talk using Screencastify and posting it to this assignment page and a Google Slide. Once this part of the assignment is complete, you will watch three of your classmates’ talks and then respond to them using FlipGrid.


Step 1: Watch example TEDTalk videos

This week’s readings covered the following ideas, theories, and concepts:

social capital, racial positioning, minority grouping, structural racism, all undocumented adults/students, justification of inequality, subjective teaching, cultural tracking

The TEDTalks below relate to this week’s readings. Watch them so that you can get an idea of how to create and format your TEDTalk. As you watch the videos, take notes with the following questions in mind:

  • What are your takeaways from this video?
  • What are the speaker’s effective speaking techniques?
  • What is his/her presentation style?
  • What matters from this video? How does it connect to you personally? To education? To the world?

Step 2: Create your TEDTalk video

From this week’s readings, pick an idea you are curious about, want to learn more about, and/or want to share with the ‘world. The topic can be something that you’ve experienced, heard about, read/watched, or have simply been wanting to learn more about over time. However, whatever topic you choose, you will need to relate it to this week’s (11) readings. You can watch Steven’s example of how to complete this activity by selecting this link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..


Make sure your TEDTalk includes a response to the following:

  • Can you think of the time where (directly or indirectly) racialization and subtractive schooling occurred in school? How are you making sense of it now? If you do not relate to the terms, please provide an anecdote. If there is no anecdote, please teach your audience about this concept.
  • What kind of racial stereotypes do you fit into? How does this relate to racial positioning, how has it affected your opportunity and educational experience?
  • Have you been exposed to the problems that undocumented students face? What’s your opinion of the DREAM Act? What will it achieve and what else can be done?

And follow the TEDTalk format below:

  • Hook―How do you establish a connection with your audience in order to catch their attention.
  • Explain the Current Problem―What exactly is the current challenge, what do your peers need to understand about it, and how does it impact present and future societies.
  • Share the Current Solutions―What solutions are currently available, how do they work, and what kind of difference can they make?
  • Closing―Reconnect with the audience and close with a passionate call to action.…

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