here we find ourselves face to face with the demands of achieving that ideal harmony of form and function that was outlined in chapter 6 data representation we need to achieve the elegance of a design that aesthetically suits our intent and the function 1

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Reply for below 2 posts. APA format and 100-150 words each post.

Reply Post

When replying to a classmate, offer your opinion on what they posted as the important advantage of each technique. Also, are the examples, in your opinion, relevant and usable?


Storytelling transcends industries and is often a focus in business books, conferences, sales trainings, and much more. Storytelling, specifically as it relates to data and analytics, is a routine challenge for digital marketers. Certainly, in an agency setting, we’re frequently in a position where we need to explain complex trends and data points to our clients.

Tell a compelling story:

This is important to the business owner because targeting overlapping locations in search campaigns can cause cannibalization of data and self-competition. As a result, this may drive up costs and hurt the ability to optimize each campaign. We found this to be more impactful and clearer when explaining our reasoning for implementing the strategies listed at the bottom of the slide.

Provide context

This type of information for a client report could have easily been distributed in a laundry list of bullets, but instead, it’s presented as a crisp, clean timeline. Our agency sends clients monthly reporting and it can be easy to forget about the large, impactful changes made to an account when they’re presented amidst numerous other metrics, trends, small tweaks, etc. This format gets rid of the noise and makes it easier to understand how different initiatives impacted the business and online campaigns at different points in the year. This type of context, enabled by the linear demonstration and concise text, shows the evolution of the story.

End with an Insight

some compelling statistics to examine how shoppers are using their mobile phones prior to purchase and the role Google ads play during the consideration cycle. This is an insight that business owners can consider when determining how they should be utilizing online and offline marketing efforts and the important metrics to track for each.


Castle, M. (2019, August 23). 8 Data Storytelling Concepts with Examples. Retrieved November 13, 2019, from…

Discussion 2:

The storytelling has been an integral part of our culture for thousands of years. Even in our age of the internet, stories manage to relate to us as much as they did to our distant ancestors. Stories play a vivid part in our daily lives from the content we watch to the stories we communicate with others about what we conjure up in our minds. Data representation is that part of data visualization, which helps in this storytelling. In general, data representation implies some convention for the organization of objects in the physical world in such a way as to allow information to be encoded and subsequently decoded by correct automatic systems.

Let me talk about some of the commonly used data representation used to explain any story better.

Circle Packing diagram

Circle Packing is a variant of the Treemap which uses circles instead of rectangles. Containment within each circle reflects the degree of the hierarchy: each branch of the tree is described as a circle, and its sub-branches are depicted as circles within it. The field of each circle may also be used to reflect actual arbitrary value, such as quantity or file size. [Please refer to the above doc file for the example as it contents image file which is not supported here]

Radar chart

A radar or spider or web chart is a two-dimensional chart form built to display one or more sets of values over several quantitative variables. Every vector has its own axis, and all axes are related to the middle of the chart. [Please refer to the above doc file for the example as it contents image file which is not supported here]

Range Chart

While the Range Bar Chart is identical to the regular Bar Chart, the distinction is that the X-axis of the latter display values one by one while the previous, the Range Bar Chart, shows two X-axis values at a time–Low and High. Data points are constructed on the basis of minimal values. As a consequence, each bar shows the difference between the highest and the minimum values of the respective group. [Please refer to the above doc file for the example as it contents image file which is not supported here]


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