Hhow do you fit cognitive and language domains in primary years

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Produce the Assignment submission in a single Microsoft Word or Open

Office document. Be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as

required, check your spelling.

Assignment: Part 1


Observe a first grade classroom AND a second grade classroom
for an hour. If this is not possible, then choose an environment where
six-yr-olds and seven-yr-olds are located to conduct your two
observations (such as a YMCA day camps, park, daycare, home, community
center, church, etc.). Preview the prompts below so that you are able to
choose a setting that allows you to observe the prompts.

  1. Observations
  • Explain the physical layout of each room/setting. Include
    materials and furniture to provide a mental image of what the
    classroom/setting looks like.
  • Which activities were adult-directed?
  • Which activities were exploratory and independent?
  • In what ways do both types of activities enhance language development?
  • How does the linguistic environment differ in each classroom/setting?
  • How does what you observed support or not support what you
    learned in your readings about language development for this
    developmental level? What are your suggestions for improving the
    classroom/setting? Be specific.

Finally, based on your observations
what conclusions can you make about each teacher/adult and his/her
approach to promoting language for this age range. How does this affect
student achievement? Explain. Make direct connections to what you have
learned in this course so far. Provide support for your answers by
referencing your readings.

Your essay should be 1250-1500 words
and should include at least four (4) citations. The sections should be
clearly marked with headings so that your instructor knows which points
you are addressing. Follow the guidelines for APA writing style. The
title page and references page so not count towards the minimum word
amount for this assignment.

Assignment: Part 2

Review Questions:

1. Name the four databases that are important in a child’s
developing cognition. Give a specific example from each one of what a
child would have to know in order to differentiate between a spider and
an insect.

2. Discuss the pros and cons of children using computers in the early childhood classroom.



3. Describe the effects of elevated stress hormones on the young child’s brain.

4. Explain the difference between receptive and expressive vocabulary.

5. Language can be used for a variety of purposes. Name at least 4 of those purposes.

6. How is the quality of language development affected by children’s early experiences?

7. It is important to emphasize learning goals rather than
performance goals and drill with all children; however, this is
particularly true when working with second-language learners. Why?

8. What is the relationship between sounds and letters in the written language known as?


1. Before children ever enter school, there are a number of
factors that either enhance or deter their abilities to be successful
learners. What are these? What ideas do you have about ways in which
deterrents can be stemmed?

2. In what ways can mathematics and science be integrated in
the classroom? Provide examples and discuss why integration of these two
subjects is important.

3. Describe classroom practices that enhance or deter
children’s abilities to become independent thinkers and lifelong
learners. Be specific.

4. Children enrolled in educational programs who are ESL, NEP,
of LEP are increasing and need active support. Discuss how you would
approach the support of these children in your classroom.


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