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NURS 350

Your paper is to be an analysis of your job shadowing experience in the context of overall nursing leadership, organizational theory, organizational communication, conflict management, and technology.

Describe your job shadowing experience. Whom did you select and why?What were your personal goals for this experience?

Consider these questions as you discuss your experience. Conduct and use research to guide you in answering the italicized questions.

How did the organizational communication style of your organization impact your leader’s ability to be an effective leader?How do organizational culture and communication styles affect leaders in organizations?

Did your leader display vision in his or her work?Did this vision guide her? What role does vision play in effective leadership?

Do you feel that the leader whom you shadowed was guided by your organization’s mission, vision, and goals?

Did your leader display effective negotiation skills during the course of your shadowing experience?How do negotiation skills play a role in being an effective manager of change?

What was your leader’s style of leadership?Was he or she able to use it effectively with others who did not have the same style? How can leadership styles affect the ability of a person to be an effective leader?

How did your leader leverage technology to help him/her succeed in their role?Consider the use of data to make informed decisions regarding change initiatives, to meet benchmarks, and provide patient care.

Re-read the course objectives for the job shadowing experience, as well as your own personal objectives.Do you think that these objectives were achieved?

How can you apply what you learned from this experience in your role as a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse?

Your paper should be between 6-8 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages, written and referenced in APA format.


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