hist 1302 civil right

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Book: Constructing the American past

Gorn, Chapter 13. doc. 5 & 6:

This section in American History concentrates on the fight for Equality! African Americans, Latino Americans, Women, LGBT, and others fought for their place in society. However, standing in the way were White Supremacists. Mostly from the South, many white Americans didn’t want change and a liberal /progressive world. The white supremacist environments in the U.S. relied on segregation to keep Minorities from being equal.

Be sure to look at the pictures and videos to help you understand the conflicts Minorities experienced. Similar to the civil unrest during WWII (discussion assignment,) ALL Minority groups were targeted by whites to keep conservative/traditional ideals.

The New Jim Crow Museum (Links to an external site.)The New Jim Crow Museum

Republicans and Democrats were changing their ideology. Both parties had members that were paying more attention to Black voters. Yet, both parties had their white supremacists. Once the Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson endorsed and passed the bill for Civil Rights in 1964, both parties had members switch sides.

Read the documents and answer the questions. Be sure to use plenty of evidence to make 1.5 pages in length. This essay must be in MLA/APA format…

any of these political leaders care for African Americans? Do the documents present any data about the Civil Rights Bill of 1964? If you notice these political leaders are from the same party. What could these documents tell us about Democratic Party? Explain.

Segregation America: keeping the races separated. If minorities were caught trying to use the “white section”, they were beaten, arrested, sometimes killed. this was deemed illegal in 1954:

The Civil Rights Movement | Socialist Alternative

Memphis Cotton Gin Boss Threatens Black Worker with Hanging for ...

Jim Crow Laws | HowStuffWorks

What is the Civil Rights Movement? – African American Civil Rights ...

Alabama City Remembered as Climactic Battle of Civil Rights Movement (Links to an external site.)Alabama City Remembered as Climactic Battle of Civil Rights Movement

African Americans protesting against White Supremacy:

Martin Luther King, jr. (MLK) who advocated equality through peaceful protesting. Civil rights movement had major impact on US economic policy ...

Honoring MLK: John Kessler highlights music of the civil rights ...

Brian Ward: Civil rights and wrongs | Education | The Guardian

Malcolm X called MLK an Uncle Tom (one who sides with whites), and felt African Americans should fight for their rights, with self- defense if need ne==

Timeline of Malcolm X's Life | American Experience | Official Site ...

Who Killed Malcolm X?' seeks justice while showing leader's ...

What made Malcolm X more fearing towards whites, was his devotion to the Muslim religion. Here he is with fellow Muslim, and friend< Muhammad Ali- Heavyweight Champion Boxer.

A Quick and Thrilling Way to Educate Ourselves About Civil Rights ...

In memory of Congressman John Lewis: Civil Rights leader! Violent racism during peaceful protests in the Civil Rights Movement (Links to an external site.)Violent racism during peaceful protests in the Civil Rights Movement

Mexican Americans protesting against ‘white ONLY’ society AND curriculum in Los Angeles public schools.History of LULAC (Links to an external site.)History of LULAC

SAL CASTRO & the 1968 East LA Walkouts (Links to an external site.)SAL CASTRO & the 1968 East LA Walkouts

Chicano Moratorium (Links to an external site.)Chicano Moratorium

Whites against equality: many whites felt equality (especially Martin Luther King, Jr.) was a communist- trying to make all people equal. No offense please, but many southerners wanted states rights to be used to protect segregation. Like slavery from the past, many whites felt the government should not make states do what they didn’t want to, especially when trying to make minorities equal.

The following pictures focus on whites protecting their superiority over the other races…

Civil Rights Movement: Timeline, Key Events & Leaders - HISTORY

(anti-Jewish and white supremacists are the same!)

Southern whites displaying their 'Heritage' Keep Alabama White and ...

Racial Segregation and Death Through Secession — Jefferson County ...

Keep Alabama white by Flip Schulke on artnet

Park Slope being shamed into radical school diversity plan

(comparing then, and now…. )

White supremacy: Are US right-wing groups on the rise? - BBC News

Charlottesville violence gives white supremacist movement the ...

At Trump rally, Confederate flag goes up, and quickly comes down ...

3 Quick Facts About Trump Supporters


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