hist 235 west in crisis

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I need to read “Why Orwell Matters” and write a 500-word Journal. The article needs a new Roman font, a size 12 font, and double spacing. The content of the article needs to discuss the following issues:

1. What attributes does Orwell possess that is effective in his political critiques? Why?

2. Why is Orwell ’s “society of free and equal human beings” (117) a contradiction?

3. Orwell’s childhood in Burma and early adulthood influenced him to be anti-imperialist and anti-fascist while his time in the Spain Civil War formed his anti-Stalinist opinions, how did these life experiences affect his literary subject differently? Do you think the violence of the Spanish Civil War had a greater impact on him than his time as an imperial officer and why?

4. Orwell was against the far-left and far-right of his time, do you think Orwell could be considered a champion of centrism? Why or why not?

5. Should Orwell ’s work expand beyond England for “universal consumption” (192) or should his work be permanently tethered to Englishness? To that extent, is Orwell ’s objectivity an ideology or an essential truth?

Here is the article link:https://archive.org/details/whyorwellmatters00hitc/page/8

And this article can be borrowed for 14 days


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