history exam 14

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History 101 – Spring 2020 Final Exam (Chapters Eight through Ten)


All of your answers are to be typed in a Word document and uploaded to Blackboard. Under the content folder titled “Exams,” there will be a link where you will upload and submit your file. Do not save your work under any other type of format (PDF, etc.) whatsoever, as these will NOT work with the SafeAssign program!

In the upper left hand corner of your exam, please type your name and History 101. No word count is needed. You may utilize either single or double spacing – this is not a strict requirement, use whichever you feel the most comfortable with.

Although you are unsupervised for this exam, your work is expected to be your own, and you are on your honor and under the WKU Student Code of Conduct. There should be NO material used from internet websites or word for word from your textbooks. Obviously, you have your textbook there for reference purposes, but you should not simply repeat what it says without your own careful thought and analysis.

This exam is due no later than 11:59pm on Thursday, May 14! Do not wait until the last possible moment to submit it!

Good luck and don’t panic!

I. DOCUMENTS BASED QUESTION (twenty-five points)

Write a short essay in which you place the quotes from the following documents within their historical context, compare and contrast the perspectives on the main issue as presented by each author, and discuss the main historical significance of the ideas or debates the documents both introduce. You must work with both quotes!

“Being convinced, however, that he needed some more powerful aid than his military forces could afford him, on account of the wicked and magical enchantments which were so diligently practiced by the tyrant, [Constantine] began to seek for Divine assistance….He said that about mid-day, when the sun was beginning to decline, he saw with his own eyes the trophy of a cross of light in the heavens, above the sun, and bearing the inscription, CONQUER BY THIS. At this sight he himself was struck with amazement, and his whole army also, which happened to be following him on some expedition, and witnessed the miracle.

The emperor constantly made use of the salutary sign as a safeguard against every adverse and hostile power, and commanded that others similar to it should be carried at the head of all his armies.

And after this, being fortified by well-guarded hopes in Him, he undertook to quench the fury of the fire of tyranny.”

– Eusebius, The Conversion of Constantine to Christianity (fourth century CE)

“It happened that the two armies were in battle, and there was great slaughter. Clovis’ army was near to utter destruction. He saw the danger; his heart was stirred; he was moved to tears, and he raised his eyes to heaven, saying: ‘Jesus Christ, whom Clotilde declares to be the son of the living God, who it is said givest aid to the oppressed, and victory to those who put their hope in thee, I beseech the glory of thy aid.’

When he had said these things, the Alemanni turned their backs and began to flee. When they saw that their king was killed, they submitted to the sway of Clovis…

Then the king [Clovis] confessed the God omnipotent in the Trinity, and was baptized…

Of his army there were baptized more than three thousand.”

– Gregory of Tours, On the Conversion of Clovis to Christianity (sixth century CE)

II. SHORT ANSWER (twenty-five points)

Choose ONE of the following questions to answer:

a. What are some of the major characteristics of Islam? Explain how the spread of the Islamic faith across regions and social groups affected the politics and social norms of Eurasia and Africa.

b. Compare and analyze the ways the Byzantine and Sassanian Empires may have differed from previous empires, and yet were still able to promote some kind of internal unity.

III. ESSAY (fifty points)

Choose ONE of the following questions to answer:

a. How are universal religions different from other kinds of religions? How is this difference illustrated by the rise and spread of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam? How did these religions change as they spread? In what ways were they affected by divisions among their followers?

b. Discuss the role of cities [for example: Constantinople, Damascus, Baghdad, Córdoba, Tenochtitlan, Chang’an,] during the Intermediate Age in providing a location for significant cultural interchange and in displaying the wealth, power, or cultural achievements of a civilization. Are cities instrumental in linking together different regions? Why or why not? Your answer must discuss at least three cities.

c. In 1300, the world was far more interconnected by trade and exchange than it had been around the year 1000. To what extent were the Mongols responsible for that change in global trading patterns? To what extent were other factors responsible for those changes?

d. From the following list, choose three locations:

– Sassanian Persia

– Tang Dynasty China

– the Byzantine Empire

– the early Islamic world

Then, compare and contrast the technological, social, and political achievements within the three regions you have chosen. Discuss the consequences these had upon their own peoples, and peoples they encountered via conquest or trade.

And time….marches on! We’re history!


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