history of photography 2

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Please answer these questions.

1. What contributions did the Kodak Company make to photography?

2. How and when did photography go from being a rich person’s hobby to a mainstream passion for millions of Americans?

3. When and how did digital photography and cell phone cameras impact the traditional photography industry?

4. What role did photography play in coverage of the following wars: the Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War?

5. How has the photographic coverage of previous wars impacted photo coverage of wars today?

6. When was Life Magazine launched and how has it reinvented itself over the years to stay in business? How did Life Magazine showcase photography?

7. What is the FSA and what role did its photographers play in covering the Great Depression of the 1930s?

8. When did photography first make a major impact in print media by technology creating a device to send “photos on a wire?”

9. What impact did photography have on the civil rights movement of the 1960s?

10. What contribution to National Geographic Magazine make to photojournalism?

11. How has photography been used to make social changes and changes to law on child labor, civil rights, etc.


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