history questions 61

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1. By 1900 _____ and _____ (midwestern states) had populations where over 1/3 of the population was foreign born.

a. Minnesota and Wisconsin

b.Ohio and Indiana

c.Minnesota and Michigan

d.Michigan and Wisconsin

2.What is the term exoduster a reference to?

a.It is a reference to the cowboy driving the cattle trains from Texas to cowtowns.

b. It is a reference to the biblical flight from Egypt being similar to African Americans fleeing racism in the south for the safety of the west.

c. It is a reference to the Mormon flight from Nauvoo, Illinois to the Great Salt Lake.

d. It is a reference to the escape attempts made by the Chinese after being brutalized by Californians.

3. In the 1870s the term “coolie” as a racial slur directed towards people of any Asian descent.

a. true

b. false

4. As ore dried up, most mining towns turned into

a. cowtowns

b. abandoned towns

c. Dead towns

d. ghost towns

5. What happened at the Sand Creek Massacre in November 1864?

a. Chivington scalped and mutilated Indian men but spared women and children.

b. Colonel John M. Chivington butchered a peaceful settlement of Indians and proudly displayed his collection of Indian scalps from that day.

c. The Americans executed five Indians who refused to surrender.

d. Black Kettle defeated Chivington’s American forces.

6. Samuel Gompers, the founder of the American Federation of Labor,

a. absolutely opposed strikes as a strategy for change.

b. worked primarily to elect politicians who were sympathetic to labor.

c. envisioned a union that would include skilled and unskilled workers.

d. fought for higher pay and better working conditions for skilled labor.


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