hiv aids project

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It will be a tri-folded poster, I will provide it and print the info and post it on the poster. All I need from you is the information that will go there. Thank you

The poster part of the project should include, at a minimum, the following information (5 pointsper section):

• Introduction and general characteristics of the disease

• Etiologic agent and its general characteristics (structure, staining characteristics etc)

• The signs and symptoms of the disease

• Why is this organism considered to be of high risk? What organ system(s) does it affect?

• Laboratory tests to absolutely confirm the identity of the disease, i.e., gram stain, sporeproducer, acid-fast, O2 requirements etc. Be specific for this organism!

• Historical information to include when, who, and where the organism was isolated,historical implications, and the significance of its name

• Transmission route(s), usual reservoirs and lifecycle.

• Treatment for the disease. Death rate without treatment. Is a vaccine available? If so,discuss the vaccine, side effects etc. If no vaccine is available, why not? Is work beingdone to develop one?

• How can the disease be prevented?

• Special susceptibility (i.e., elderly, immunocompromised, children, etc.)

• Current outbreaks/cases locally and globally (with incidence)It is important that the above information be complete, and that it be presented in a logical andorderly manner.

A minimum of five reliable, scientific references (books, publications or Internet) plusany other references used. (10 of the 80 points).

When selecting online references remember that not all information on the Internet is reliable.Always try to use journal articles or governmental documents as the “authority,” and not rely oncommercial sites (.com). Two references with the same URL except for the last part will beconsidered the same reference, like different pages in a book. Include all sources used;reference books and periodicals by a standard format. Be sure that you reference allphotos/charts that you use on or below the item on the poster.

Be VERY careful when referencing online sites. Each underscore, period, or capital letter mustbe exact, or we will not be able to find the site. Always check your references before reportingthem by using the OPEN feature on your browser. If your reference will not open, it will not becounted toward your grade.To report your sources, prepare a bibliography at the end of your poster presentation andnumber all references used. Then in the body of your poster, give the number of the referenceyou used for information. This is called end notes, which you have probably used for otherresearch papers. As with any report, be sure that you are not directly copying or simplyparaphrasing material that you use. If you choose to use direct quotes from the article, you mustuse quotation marks. I will be checking the references, so be sure NOT to plagiarize!

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