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Need assistance with proofreading and for autobiography. 

Autobiographical Learning Essay

Student: Arrica Bryant

I was born in a small town located in the northern parts of Florida, some call it the “Panhandle”, but the correct nametown I was born is Panama City, Florida. Known for it’s beautiful white sand and turquoise beaches I never thought I would ever relocate from such a wonderful sceneryplace. Well I did and I would not change the decision that I made. Why?, Bbecause Miami, Florida is yet another place that’s known for it’s night life, diversity and beautiful beaches. Having a child at the young age of 16, I knew that I would need to advance my studies in life to make sure that I would be able tocould provide for my son. Graduating from High School as the Senior Class Secretary in 1996 and starting my college studies at a local cCollege in Panama City, FL, and being a single mom, my future wasn’t looking so promising, so I dropped out of college and started working jobs that but they didn’t make ends meet. On public assistance and having a child with sickle cell disease which was the reason for me being in and out of the hospital, I couldn’t stay on the a job(s). Much to my dismay I got pregnant again with my second child and after a 1 ½ I decided to relocate to Miami, FL. Comment by Renee Watters: Possessive ‘its’ does not require an apostrophe. Comment by Renee Watters: Organize this material better; consider two sentences. Comment by Renee Watters: Write more clearly so the reader knows what you are trying to say.

Not knowing many people when I arrived into Miami, FL in July 2000, made me shy but also wantingI also wanted to communicate with less fortunate individuals., I decided to volunteer as an Outreach Coordinator for Jesus Mission to Feed the Hungry, a non profit organization which allowed me to utltilize my communications, administration and interpersonal relations skills.

As an outreach coordinator I utilized my communication skills by commuting to and from the dstribution site where I would communicated with warehouse staff regarding in regard to the pick- up order information. I would makemade sure that the order wasorders were correct and properly loaded into the vehicle. Once the order was loaded I would sign the order slip for approval.

I also assisted with coordinating the process of food distribution to customers by making sure every customer was seen in a timely manner. This is where I put forth my administrative duties skills along with interpersonal relation skills. I will complete an assessments where the client was asked to provide their general demographics, need for self independencey, and their goals to achieve self independency. In the process of me interviewing the client, we gained a lasting relationship which allowed me to utilize my interpersonal skills. After completion of assessments customers would markke the line to pick up their commodities using their ticket that was provided to them by me during the assessment.

After 5 years of me volunteering, I decided to give myself a break from working and focus on my children; especially my son who went through several crisis episodes on and off for 2 years. The mental stress that we endured was sometimes unbearable. But knowing that life happens, I decided to start looking for employment to better my life. Not knowing where to start, I just applied for position(s) I felt would be flexible and that I could make a career. Fortunately, I landed a job with a promising career and flexiblity. I started working for the State of Florida as an Economic Self-Sufficiency Specialist I on my birthday, October 5, 2007. Not only was it great news for me starting work on my birthday but just working with a state agency was a great acheievement. As an Economic Self-Sufficiency Specialist I, I understood immediately that my position and functions were essential. Me hHaving a passion for assisting people who are in need allowed me to learn the policy and regulations in a timely manner.

My duties consisted of determining the eligibility of applicants and recipients for public assistance programs. The work I performed included processing data from electronic sources and entering information into a computer-based eligibility system under according to state and federal requirements. Eligibility workers such as myself were expected to handle a high volume of work which is deadline driven. Workers must be able to prioritize, plan and project their work, while remaining flexible to frequent changes in the program policy and/or computer-based systems. . Always eager to learn I implemented the tasks and skills that I was given and to no avail I started interviewing applicants both English and Spanish. . Comment by Renee Watters: Write more clearly. What are you trying to convey to the reader?

As I grew in a professional and social manner, I knew the importance of interpersonal skills while communicating with my coworkers and applicants. . Unfortunately, in the midst of all the learning and assisting, I was hit with another hospital stay and once again I had to be absent from my duties as an Economic Self-Sufficiency Specialist I. I. Due to the importance of my duties, I could no longer act in the role as an Economic Self-Sufficiency Specialist I, so I requested to be demoted to a Clerk Typist I in September 2008. This way I could stay on my job and perform other tasks that weren’t so demanding. .

As a Clerk Typist I, I performed administrative support functions necessary to ensure efficient and effective office operations which consist of duties such as explaining the public assistance process, case information, and providing applicants with login credentials. . Because of my previous position I was able to communicate effectively al l while making sure the office flowed operated in a professional manner. . I administratively conducted all task(s) that were assigned to me by utilizing a variety of online systems. .

As I gained additional knowledge and skills, I was able to advance within the agency, in December 2009. . My skills as a Clerk Typist I allowed me to enhance my communication, administration and investigative research skills by providing administrative support functions necessary to ensure efficient and effective office operations. . I was also able to continue to utilize a variety of online office systems. Comment by Renee Watters: To what job?

As an Interviewing Clerk (screener) my job duties required me to create registration and research state clearance(s) for new and existing applicants on several of online software. . Being able to decipher and cross reference information obtained from the various systems required that I be proficient in decision making and problem solving. . Completion of the client registration process included creating a budget of the client’s income, assets, and expenses to determine their eligibility for expedited services. After screening the application, I was tasked with assigning the case to an Economic Self Sufficiency Specialist I daily. If there was an existing case that was closed due to a client not reapplying and/or error within the agency, I was then required to reopen the case by completing client registration (CRAD). . My administrative and communication skills wereas at an all timeall-time high during my 9 years as an Interviewing Clerk (screener). . I managed to be one of the top performing Interviewing Clerks (screener) daily. . Comment by Renee Watters: Write more clearly.

Through the years working for the Florida Department and Children and Families I was able to meet different people which allowed me to enhance my interpersonal relations, communication, and administration skills which I feltmaking me feel I was ready to engage more effectively in those areas. . So, I decided to become an active member of the agency’s Black History Committee, October 2012 to present., I volunteered as the Administration and Booking Manager for Mime Over Matter, March 2013 to August 2018 and was a committee member for the agency’s charitable contribution campaign, October 2014 to November 2016. .

My role as a committee member for the Department of Children and Families Black History Committee was exciting and fun. . I was able to use my creativitye and communication skills by suggesting ideas for events both internally and externally during the times that the committee would conduct shows for the agency’s employees to attend. . I would assist with decorating the venue. . We adorned the venue with emphases on historical African American culture. . All walks of life attended and participated in the event. . This allowed me to communicate in an effective manner throughout the process.

My communication skills were put to the test on a consistent basis. I would support with ticket sales and provide information regarding the event(s). . The agency has several offices both in the north, central and south regions, and I was the liaison for the south. . I would provide my peers with event information by advising of the time and date of the Black History Luncheon. . I would also collect their fundsthe money to participate and provide them with an entry ticket. . I would communicate with the committee chair the number of tickets I sold and deliver the funds money during the next meeting.

During my time with the committee, I was able to effectively utilize my interpersonal relations, communication, and administration skills to introduce Mime Over Matter Dance Ministry to for the committee’s event program(s) for the past 9 years to present. . I booked M.O.M. Dance Ministry to minister in for the Black History Luncheon. . I effectively communicated with the team to make them aware of uniforms, time of pick up and date of show. . Not only was I assisting with the committee on the day of the luncheon I was effectively assisting M.O.M. with any needs that may have arrived while waiting for their name to be called. . Being thatSince I was doing what I love to do I did not feel overwhelmed in any way. . I was happy to know that I was completing an assignment or should I sayoften several assignments all at once.

As I stated previously, volunteering as the Administration and Booking Manager for Mime Over Matter, Inc. I was able to book them for the Black History event(s) and utilize my communication and interpersonal skills by networking during the event(s) which led to more bookings with other non-profit and for-profit organizations for Mime Over Matter, Inc. Mime Over Matter, Inc. however, decided to become an individual dance ministry and decided to handle their own administrative and booking duties. So, in the month of August 2018, my volunteering services ended with Mime Over Matter, Inc. Inc.

Due to me wearing a lot of hats during this time I also became an active member of the Department of Children and Families’ charitable contribution campaign from October 2014 to November 2016, where I utilized my creativity, administrative, interpersonal and communication skills, by collecting funds for the campaign from donations and developing and implementing fund raising activities such as preparing morning breakfast and afternoon lunches for contributors. . Though my time with the committee wasn’t long I enjoyed communicating with my peers and serving them as they’re committee liaison for charitable contributions.

Knowing that I desired to advance within the agency I decided to utilize my Economic Self Sufficiency Specialist I knowledge and apply for the position again. . In August 2018, I was promoted to become an Economic Self Sufficiency Specialist I again. . A condition of this promotion was that I complete and pass the Florida Integrated Pre-Service training program. . This training lasted 12 weeks and consisted of weekly in- class examinations on agency policy and procedures. . Comprehension of the testing material required proficiency in communication, administration, and critical thinking skills. . Occasionally, we were briefed on situations that we would encounter on the job. . The trainer informed us that we would be required to locate services for persons who wereas completely destitute. . My prior experience with the agency had already prepared me for this as both my former positions involved securing resources for clients. . My skills in organizing, prioritizing, and problem solving enabled me to complete the

Pre-Service course successfully in 2018. . After completion of the course, I returned to the service center to put what I had learned into practice. .

As an eligibility specialist, I was tasked with determining eligibility for public assistance benefits. I had to call upon my administrative skills to plan and organize my caseload. . Not only would I be interviewing applicants, but also counseling them and processing their benefit claims. . Implementing state and federal regulations was a complex process that required critical thinking and extensive investigation and research. . In the first few weeks my production was lacking but I learned to pair with veteran workers to discover their techniques. . Emulating their best practices enabled me to produce quality case work. . Even though I maintained accurate case records and work assignments, I requested for another demotion to care for my sick mom. .

Upon my return to an Interviewing Clerk, I was required to interview public assistance applicants to obtain basic demographic information. . In my previous position, I would communicate with the applicant by phone but this time around I was tasked to get up close and personal with the public. . Not only was I required to speak effectively, but it was important that I listened to gather the necessary information. . I made myself aware of the fact that I’m in a diverse city and I attempted to speak the language of my clients. . If I did not understand them or I felt, they didn’t understand me I would call for interpretation to make sure that I provided excellent and correct information to the client. . I knew that effective lines of communication and interpersonal relations would be my key to success in maintaining an effective level of customer service on a daily basis.

As new entrants came in through the borders, we were bombarded with extenuating circumstances. . Staffing being was an issue and also a lack of communication (language barrier), therefore, I was then tasked with providing SSN and wWork requirement letters which was overwhelmingly stressful. . The number of documents we received was unbearable. . However, I created a system where I was able to complete the requested documents as well as prepare them for the next day mail delivery in a timely manner. . My administrator appointed me to be the Interviewing Clerk that handled this task for the time being. . I dominated and concurred with no regret. .

In 2021, I was awarded employee of the month. . Due to all the hard work that we as the front desk clerks endured, the administration saw fit to award us for our hard work and dedication to the clients that are in need. . Although, I was honored to receive such recognition I will continue to help individuals in need for the rest of my life without any reward, because that’s my purpose.

Since my start with the Department of Children and Families, I have always worked tirelessly to make a positive impact in all aspects of business. . My efforts paid off big time this year! ! I was officially called upon by administration to facilitate and coordinate the new office. . I was expected to perform duties as the administrative secretary in her absence as well as maintain the lobby duties, by training new staff, assisting clients and making sure all equipment was functioning properly. The new hires assisted me without question to accommodate Spanish- speaking clients. I’m more than happy to say I trained them well. Along with my program administrator, we teamed up and provided the new hires a brief system training to effectively assist the customers as needed. . Although they haven’t completed Pre-Service training, they are more helpful, and this alone has caused the Front Lobby to flow in an effective manner. . Also, this year I received my fifteen-year service certificate. . I found this to be an accomplishment because I never thought that I would last on a job this long. long. I set a goal to stay employed and make a career of it and I am glad it was accomplished.

I believe that if called upon to group my collective work experiences within disciplines, they would all be under three headings, Communication, General Administration and Behavioral Sciences. . First, I believe that most of my experiences would find a place within the discipline of Communication especially within the areas of trainings, monthly meetings and work-related activities such as volunteering and expected job duties. . I feel communication is vital because it’s the only way that you can effectively relay your thoughts and desires to one another. . I believe in every position that I have held my communication skills have increased dramatically and it is because of this I would like to award 50% of my credits to the discipline of Communication.

I believe that 25% of my experiences would find a place within the discipline of General Administration, where I’ve performed tasks for administration. . I was charged with managing places and situations. I was also responsible for the facilitation of trainings and legal documents provided to clients for SSN and work permit applications. . It was here that I must was required to oversee the proper implementation and adherence to agency policies and procedures by providing clients with proper documentation and integrity by fulfilling my acknowledgment of confidentiality of pertinent information. Therefore, I am requesting to have 25% of my credits awarded to the discipline of General Administration. . Comment by Renee Watters: Write this out. Comment by Renee Watters: Write this more clearly.

Lastly, I would like to award the remaining 25% of my credits to the discipline of Behavioral Sciences because I have utilized most of my professional career assisting individuals in a human services capacity. . Employed with the Department of Children and Families consists of working with some of the state’s neediest families in all capacities of their lives. . I also find myself daily assisting many of my co-workers with their personal affairs. . Often, I find it difficult to differentiate between co-worker and therapist.

I feel as though my studies at Barry University have equipped me with the necessary tools to enable me to be successful on and off the job. . I look forward to my graduation in May 2023 which will afford me the opportunity to embark on the journey of obtaining my master’s degree. . And then I will be able to say, “I Mastered It!”


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