hosp term project 2

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The hotel are Omni La Costa Resort and Spa.

2A. Group Resume. Use the format of the guidelines and examples. A blank template is available on the course ULearn site. Think carefully about all details. 2B. Banquet Event Orders (BEO’s). Write a BEO for each planned function that says “BEO” next to it. (There will be three.) See BEO instructions and examples. A template is available in ULearn.

1B. Site details (2 – 3 pages) Answer all of the questions listed below. Provide as many details as possible. Use each “question” (or part of it) as your heading. Bullet points/lists are acceptable. • Climate/temperature (only for the time when the Green Organics group will be there) • Transportation: What is the nearest airport? Is there a train station nearby? How will attendees get to the hotel from the airport and station? If there is an airport shuttle, is it free? How will attendees get around during their free time? • Number of rooms in the hotel • Special room amenities: unusual or luxury features/amenities (if any) offered in the hotel rooms. If the rooms do not contain anything unusual or special, write “none”. (Please do not list all of the room features and amenities.) • Food and Beverage Outlets: List the restaurants and bars in the hotel; give a short description of each restaurant (1-2 sentences for each, in your own words). If there are more than four food and beverage outlets, list them all but only describe four. • Meeting space: Total square footage of all meeting space. (For example, “This hotel contains 72,000 square feet of meeting rooms, ballrooms, and exhibit space.”) • Function Room Selections: List each function for the group and give your preliminary choice for the room you will use for each. (For example: “Cocktail Reception: Grand Ballroom Sections F, G, and H.) Do not choose restaurants. • Other: any other special features of the hotel, meeting site, city, or region that you think should


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