How do you draw isobathic lines from a given set of sounding data Oceanography Questions

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Just need one to two sentences/formula answers.

1. How do you draw isobathic lines from a given set of sounding data?

2. How do you create a topographic cross section from a bathymetric chart?

3. What are the rules of contour mapping?

4. Why will increasing the number of bathymetric sounding improve the understanding of the ocean floor?

5. What is wave velocity?

6. What are the effects of the sun and moon on the development of tides?

7. How can tides be used to create low carbon emitting energy?

8. What is the relationship between the strength and damage of a hurricane?

9. How do ocean surface water temperatures effect weather patterns?

10. What is the difference between normal ocean temperatures and El Ninó temperatures?

11. What is contour shading?

12. What is the benefits of contour shading?

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