How to increase voter participation in Texas

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1. For all discussion boards, you must create an original post. It must reference the textbook or another scholarly source (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.AND a recent news article or website. Also, the post should be between 350-500 words, which isn’t as hard as you might think.

DISCUSSION: Remember from our learning that voter participation in Texas is below the national average. The textbook lists several reasons why that could be. If I were the Governor and I deemed you to be my Chancellor of Fixing Texas Voting, what would you do? Be sure to come up with solutions to the structural and cultural reasons. Write up your response per the Rules.

2. You must reply to another student’s post in a way that addresses their argument, nothing else. Ad hominem (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. replies will be deleted and not appreciated when it comes time for me to grade. Replies should usually run about 200-250 words.

STUDENT’S POST: In Texas voter participation has been shockingly low for the sway Texas holds in the primaries. It’s seemed to stem from the fact that democratic minorities are discouraged to vote due to beliefs that, despite their efforts, their vote will not sway results. White republicans on the other hand know that maybe their individual vote doesn’t do much but collectively they will add up with other people who vote the same way, regardless turnout for those voters is statistically poor compared to other states too. As chancellor I may be able to change that through the systems I’ve thought up with help through the articles I’ve read.

Firstly, I think I would implement some more voting stations that are more in the way of every day life to remind and ease people into voting. Also I might try and implement some sort of randomized tax relief program for voters, for instance maybe 1 random person out of 250 people would get 10% deducted off their end of the year taxes. Another tactic could be that if a citizen has a Texas drivers license and are over the age of 17 they are automatically a registered voter. Those three things are my proposed fixes to the structural side of our voting issues.

For the cultural issues with voting turnout, it gets much trickier. I think minorities seeing the rich white republicans or democrats always being the majority of American politics has dissuaded them from acting in politics because they never see their peers. There needs to be classes in high school teaching all kids that their voice/vote counts regardless of who’s in office. If kids were taught at a young age their votes count and they used the structural improvements I suggested, I believe we Texans could have a much stronger and equal voice in politics.

I would really appreciate if you could write a discussion and reply to the student’s post above. Thank you

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