hrm 300 human resources management 1

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Final Exam Case Study

Please read ALL directions below before starting your final



ï‚· Read the entire case study carefully and then respond to

all questions in each of the four scenarios.

ï‚· Develop each answer to the fullest extent possible,

including citations from outside resources, where

applicable, to support your arguments.

ï‚· Submit your assignment as a separate MS Word

document in your assignments folder. Do not type your

answers into the case study document.

ï‚· Include a Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of


ï‚· Do not include the original question. Use the following

format: Scenario 1: question 1, etc.

ï‚· Each response should be written in complete sentences,

double-spaced and spell-checked. Use 12-point Times

New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides.

ï‚· Include page numbers according to APA formatting


ï‚· Include citations in APA format at the end of each answer.

ï‚· You must submit to the assignment link by the due date

(final day of class). A missing assignment will be assigned

a grade of 0.

Please remember to use in-text citations in your writing for all content that is taken from another source. An in-text, citation is important for three reasons. First, it gives credit to the source you are citing—if you do not use an in-text citation, you may be guilty of plagiarism. Second, it allows your reader to find your research. Third, it gives you authority, making it clear your ideas are built on careful research and analysis.

Reference all citation.

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