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You will write a one-page meaning-making reflection after each week of class. This is an opportunity to critically evaluate new information you have learned this week, tie it to course materials and analyze how this information will help you in becoming a better tourism professional. This reflection should be free of jargon and not overly technical. The aim is for you to continually build knowledge from week to week, have a record of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and “ah-ha” moments at the end of the term, as well as to give me insight into your learning process and the impact of components of this course.

As Personal Reflections are your own intellectual and emotional reactions to the materials there are not technically “right” or “wrong” answers. I do not want summaries of materials though. I know what the book says and I know the materials I lectured on (I created them after all, right?). You need to read and listen actively and then respond. You must write a minimum of 250 words to allow you the opportunity to explore the materials, your personal thoughts and how these relate to your professional development.

If you get hung up here are a few questions to jog the mind:

  • What is new to you about the material?
  • What did you already know?
  • Does any point contradict what you already knew or believed?
  • What patterns of reasoning does the author offer as evidence?
  • How convincing do you find the reasoning?
  • Is there anything you don’t understand?
  • What questions remain in your mind?
  • What, ultimately, did you take away and what does it mean to me?


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