human resource management essay 2

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Training for Medical Overtreatment

Read NPR’s article, “Why do doctors overtreat? For many, it’s what they are trained to do.”

Consider this news article from the perspective of the course material on Training, specifically, the five steps of instructional design. You are welcome to apply additional course materials if you see them as relevant.

  1. The first step in Instructional Design is “Conducting a Needs Assessment.” Answer the three questions related to conducting a needs assessment: Who needs training? In what do they need training? What is the context in which the training will occur?
  2. The article mentions a couple of different ways in which such training might occur. Choose one and evaluate it according to how well it follows Stages 2 – 5 of the Instructional Design Process.
  3. Make one recommendation about how you might improve the training. Explain how your suggested improvement is related to what we learned about the Instructional Design Process.

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