Human Resources Topic

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1. Identify an HR topic from their textbook i.e., like recruitment, selection or diversity management which they find interesting and relevant.

2. Select a company and discuss their chosen HR topic in the context of their company.

3. Students will be graded on their capability to relate HR theory from textbook to the existing policies prevalent within the company selected.

4. Students are required to submit a typed report of 5 pages excluding the cover page and references at the end.

Please make sure all information and material used in your project report is referenced and quoted properly.

The report should follow this format:

– Cover Page: Student name, course number, instructor’s name and the title of your report.

– Introduction: Introduce your company i.e., name, services/products offered, location and

number of employees etc.

– HR topic chosen: e.g., employee selection, write about various selection theories using your


– HR topic and Company: Write about your topic in the context of the company. For instance

selection procedure at Walgreens etc.

– Conclusion: A brief conclusion summarizing your overall content of the report.

– References: All references should be in APA style.

– All reports will be in 12 font, New Times Roman, in double spacing.

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