human services communication skills for human services transportation in your area

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This is a journal entry so you can use first person. Geographic area–San Luis Obispo County California–MAKE SURE to mention SMOOTH and Ride On which are modes of transportation in San Luis Obispo county

1. Provide a brief but specific overview of the resources in your chosen geographic area that are designed to meet client’s transportation needs. Is there public transit? Private transit? Medicabs? Tracking for transport vehicles? Bilingual drivers? Make sure that you support this with evidence.

2. Identify the key stakeholders — think about who is involved or has an interest in clients being safely transported ( transport company, clients, hospital, etc). Then, identify the role that each stakeholder will play in the meeting the clients’ transportation needs — this is where you delegate your problem solving. Who will be responsible for doing what?

3. Provide recommendations for how you will develop rapport with your audience during the presentation. Be specific! What communication strategies or skills will you use?

4. Provide specific steps you will take to ensure that ALL stakeholders understand the information you are presenting (visual aids, interpreters, etc.)

5. What technology will you choose to use for your presentation and why? Identify the technology / materials (don’t overthink this!) Support your choice.

Be sure that you use APA formatted in-text citations and a reference list. Remember that getting an “exemplary” mark means doing more than the minimum 🙂

PLEASE read the directions carefully, very important!!

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