i have 2 part lab complete the following programming exercises

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Lab 1 PART A

complete the following programming exercises.

file into a list. The program should then process the numbers in the list and display the following information:

Notes There are several issues that will be need to be addressed to make lab 3 work:

  • A line break (n)exists at the end of each record (row) . When reading the file, use the method replace() to replace line breaks with null (“”)
  • Records on the file are stored as strings. When reading the file, use the method int() to convert the strings back to ints.


  • Write a program that writes a series of random† integers, one per line, to a file. Each random number should be in the range of 1 to 500. The application should first prompt the user to specify how many random numbers the file should hold. Include a custom try/exception block to verify that the user entered a number > 0. Include a try/exception block to verify that the user entered an integer. Note: records must be stored as strings – see method str()
  • (Extra Credit) Write a program that takes as input the file statesPopulation.txt. Add to a list and report. :
    • format: state, population, abbreviation
    • Sort by state name
    • Report on state name and population (consider method split())
    • Format population with commas (convert to int)

Save your programs in plain text files and submit these by the due date/time.


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