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I. Answer the following questions, based on the material in Chapter 6, Object Modeling.

  1. What is object-oriented analysis, and what are some advantages of this method?
  2. Define an object, and provide three examples.
  3. Define an attribute, and provide three examples.
  4. Define a method, and provide three examples.
  5. Define encapsulation, and explain how it is used in object-oriented analysis.
  6. Define polymorphism, and provide three examples.
  7. Define a class, subclass, and superclass, and provide three examples of each.
  8. Define an actor, and provide three examples.
  9. Define a use case and a use case diagram, and prepare a sample of each.
  10. Define the term black box, and explain why it is an important concept in object-oriented


1 Osceola auto parts
Osceola Auto Parts is an independent auto parts dealer that sells auto parts, runs tests on customers’ cars,

and delivers parts and tools to mechanic shops around town.


1. Identify possible actors and use cases involved in Osceola’s business functions.
2. Create a use case diagram for Osceola’s operations.
3. Select one of the use cases and create a class diagram.

4. Create a sequence diagram for the use case you selected.

Oakwood Community College registration

Oakwood Community College has a student registration process similar to the one at your school. The
administration asked you, as IT director, to develop a new system that would be more user-friendly. Your
first task is to create an object-oriented model of the current system. You can use your school’s registra-
tion process as the basis for the model.


  1. List possible objects in the registration system, including their attributes and methods.
  2. Identify possible use cases and actors.
  3. Create a use case diagram that shows how students register.
  4. Create a state transition diagram that describes typical student states and how they change based on
    specific actions and events.


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