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Tasks and Deliverables:

After reading this week’s assigned readings, discuss in your learning community the following questions:

1) Critical Thinking:

a) How is digital disruption impacting on traditional firms?

b) What are the four main challenges traditional firms encounter in trying to adapt to the current digital environment?

c) Suggest two possible initiatives tradicional firms could undertake in order to help future-proofing their business?

Once you reach a consensus, report your collective answer. Please make sure your answers are justified and supported by external research (please refer to “note with regards to conducting research” in the syllabus).

2) Case Study

a) Each member of the learning community should search online for a brief case illustrating a real-life example of digital transformation of a traditional firm or industry. Using the discussion forum, share your case with you learning community.

1) What are the key strengths and weaknesses of each case?

2) What are the key similarities and differences among the cases?

3) Which of the cases would you consider to be the best example among them?

Once you reach a consensus, report your collective answer for each question. Please make sure all answers are justified and supported by external research.

Submission Procedure

Each Learning Community selects a project reporter, and post one WORD file with your report in the ASSIGNMENTS area under:


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