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FIR 2302 Unit VIII Discusion Board Question (VC)

How has this course helped you develop your mindset to be smarter and even faster on the fireground without taking unnecessary risks that might affect the well-being of members of your community and crew? What recommendations do you have to improve this course?

I have to comment on my classmates discussion board question and this is what they wrote

This class has helped me development a mindset that has helped me understand how the life safety initiatives can be applied to our everyday life in the fire service. Up until now, I new of the life safety initiative but hadn’t really took the time out to really look in depth at them. By doing so in the class, this has opened my eyes to more ammunition when I’m training our guys and trying to implement policies and procedures within my department.

EH 1020 Unit III Discusion Board Question (VZC)

You are articulating your project for the first time in this unit. What do you think about the process of creating a project so far? Have you found it difficult or appropriately challenging? What are some of the things that you have learned so far about the process and about yourself as a researcher?

If you could go back in time to a few weeks ago, what are some of the things you know today that you would tell yourself? In other words, what are some of the key lessons you have learned? Similarly, what have you learned in researching that has made your process easier? Share these methods with your classmates; you never know whom you might help!

Alternatively, you have been deeply situated in your research for the past few units. What have you learned about your topic that you did not know before? What do you find fascinating? What advice would you like to share with your classmates?

I also have to comment on my classmates discussion board question this is what they wrote:

As we all know, I decided to pursue the topic of our government potentially failing us on September 11th, 2001 in terms of policy.. This research paper has been the most extensive one I have done thus far in my college career. It is very involved, and time consuming. I have realized though, if I choose a topic that is intriguing to me, I am more likely to succeed and meet all deadlines. I have found my topic of research to be challenging at times due to a lot of sources being emotional and not factual. So far, I have learned that an effective research paper has to show both sides of the argument, despite the opinion of the writer. It is very hard for me to keep my opinion out of things that I feel directly affected by. If I could go back in time to a few weeks ago, I would have told myself to make sure there is enough credible sources on a topic, before choosing it. I did have a tough time finding sources that fit an argumentative paper, and not just a one-sided opinion paper. It is sometimes hard when you have such a strong opinion on an issue, to see both sides. I have noticed that it is easier for me to read articles that sustain my opinion, rather than ones that detest it. In my topic of choice. one of the major things I learned, that I did not know before, was how lax airport security used to be. I found out that as late as the 1990’s, children did not have to be ticketed to board aircraft. I also found out that the government had prior knowledge that Osama Bin Laden was planning an attack, they just weren’t aware of the how’s, when’s, and where’s. I find the whole aspect of my paper and the events of 9/11 to be devastating, yet fascinating all the same. I have personally been to the memorials in Shanksville, and New York City. I would like to share the following advice. If you have to do an in depth research paper, choose a topic that interests you, and do not be afraid to immerse yourself into it. For instance, if you do a paper on gun violence, find a side, and vote in elections to make your voice heard. If you do a paper on mental illness, volunteer at a state hospital! This is a learning experience yes, but make it less grueling by choosing a topic you care about!

HY 1110 Unit III Discussion Board Question (VZC)

Unit 3: Seven Years War, the Sons of Liberty, and the War for Independence


Top of Form

Crew, this Unit was loaded with a tremendous amount of fascinating events one more exciting than the next! So, I’ve provided a few different discussion questions below. What you need to do is select ONE of the questions below and provide your initial post.

Make certain that in the subject line of your post that you identify the question that you have selected. The topic is provided above the specific question. Have fun!

Seven Years War (formerly known as the French and Indian War): The Seven Years War has been called, “The War That Made America”. Do you believe this is an apt assessment of the War? Why or Why not?

Sons of Liberty: Could the Sons of Liberty be interpreted as a terrorist organization? Why or Why not? Crew, consider not only the general nature of the actions performed, but the reason behind the actions and the results of the actions. Remember, tar and feathering wasn’t as nice as we were taught in our earlier lessons of history!!

War for Independence: What was the final action, either by the crown or the colonies, that made the eventual War for Independence inevitable? Why do you suggest that this was the final action that brought about the War for Independence?

Make sure to proofread your posting to ensure that it reflects your argument, effort, and professionalism

Bottom of Form

Ihave to comment on my classmate’s discussion board question as well this is what they wrote:

I can definitely side with that the Seven Years War created America. It provided the colonists their first taste of “nationalism”. Also, it drew the line in the sand at how the British didn’t seen the colonists as a true part of Britain. Their mentality was that the colonists caused an expensive war that they were going to have to pay back to Britain. This type of thinking from Britain over time is what led them to create the laws that would create the further divide.


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