i need part 2 of this project done 1

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Need part 2 completed of this assignment

IP4 8-10 PowerPoint Slides not including title and reference slide

Leveraging your efforts in the Phases 1 through 3, construct a slide presentation. This presentation will be a pitch that you are making to your customer regarding your vision or proposal for their software development effort as identified in Phase 3. Provide background information regarding the target company, software development life cycle (SDLC) considerations, and software development techniques and technologies (programming languages).

Remember, although you have been consulted for a software development effort, you must still gain the confidence of the perspective customer by making a pitch that is tailored to their needs, is feasible, and is technologically sound. It is not expected that you to focus a significant amount of your presentation on hardware, but database technology and various other technical considerations should be included in your presentation.

Part 2

Include graphical aids in your final draft to show the application flow. Flow charts help in showing the application flow of your software. Visio and other smart draw applications are preferred. The notes pane underneath each slide should be used to expand on talking points presented on the slide.


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