I need someone know how to write script writing homework help

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Write a script based on an original story. Be sure the story includes a clear beginning, middle, and

ending. The script should be at least 7 pages and include a good range of scriptwriting and visual

storytelling techniques (at least many if not all the aspects discussed in class).

In addition to overall polish, three main components will be evaluated:

(1) the quality of the premise and story-arc;

(2) the depth and quality of the dialogue and pacing;

(3) the ability to properly use

many scriptwriting and visual storytelling techniques.


Think of this as a “Final Exam,” as a chance to “show off” everything you’ve learned in this class.

The script should:

1. Demonstrate an ability to develop an entirely original story that follows traditional

conventions and three-act structure.

2. Demonstrate a good depth and quality of dialogue and pacing.

3. Demonstrate an ability to properly use several advanced scriptwriting and visual storytelling techniques.

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