i want reply posts a below 2 posts to the topic in 150 words each using apa format and include at least 3 reference from journal articles

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D3: Original Question: What is the impact of rapid environmental changes on organizations?

POST 1: Environmental change and climate change have been a very real threat for a very long time now. However, it has taken our leaders and our businesses a considerable time to realize and address this as an issue that needs to be dealt with. Our atmosphere is thinning, air pollution has increased exponentially, making certain places toxic to even breathe in, most corporations create large amounts of waste that damage our water bodies and marine life. These are just a few things among a list of the numerous ways we as a species have contributed in speeding the environmental change on this planet. A.K.Y, Wang, Yang, Li, K.X and Jiang (2018) talk about managing the way ports adapt to this change. The transportation industry is a major stakeholder in this rapid change. Most port operators and managers are oblivious and ignorant about managing this threat and that is exactly what needs to change.

The environment provides a large share in most industries. Just like the transportation industry depends on air, water and climate, most of the resources that are used for production and manufacturing like coal, wood, metal, soil etc. come from the environment. A rapid change and degradation in the environment can affect the availability and health of these resources. This would directly impact the production sector.

Pineda (2016) talks about how there is a need for a new model to help managers understand and value the impact of environmental and climatic factors on their organizations. These changes need to be translated into factors like change in demand, decrease in production, reduction in profits, change in workforce etc. that could seem like a threat to their short-term goals.

On the contrary, there also organizations that are addressing this threat and creating businesses that help the planet and the human species survive. Tesla, SpaceX, solar companies, BlueOrbit are such examples.

In conclusion, the environment and businesses/industries have a very symbiotic relationship. A change in the environmental conditions can negatively affect not only the way industries produce, but also the workforce that makes this production possible. It is very important for organizations to realize this threat and create a strategy that provides a framework for them to adapt to this change.

POST 2: By having a determine an appropriation over a strategic for being with a response through a change going on environment, as the managers would be knowing through an understanding over an impact over the required change. As there are four major components of environment that describes their nature of required changes like following:

Stability defined as a rate over the changes that as occurred. By having stable environment, that would be changing very slow. And by having the managers that is having time for monitoring or responding their changes in a very well deliberate way (Sherman,2012).

Complexity is referred as a number of different elements that any organizational environments and being in connections. They have majority of high complexity of the environment being with various variables that could also be very affective.

Resource scarcity is referred as an availability that would be resources that is very critical over the through an organization or that are being with their high form of demand by any other organization. As these resources are being with the scarcity’s way of them through any usual form of outcomes for their shortage supply(Eisner,2003).

With having an instability, complexities, and resources with them through a scarcity with overall leading through any of their uncertainty. As uncertainty would be referred with them through how they are predictable with the environmental conditions too. They are with some of uncertainty with an environment that would be very difficult to manage by manager to have a prediction over what, where and how to make the changes.

Is the rapid environmental changes effecting over organizations ?


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