identify a company with core values and ethics 1

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Detailed Requirements

1. Identify a company that you are interested in or admire. The company must have a written code of conduct and ethics available for your review and evaluation. Thus, you will most likely need to select a company that is registered in the United States with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a public company, as it is often difficult to obtain private company codes of conduct and ethics.

2. Describe the background, business, size and other information you think is important to understand and provide a clear profile of the company.

3. Describe the stated purpose(s) or objective(s) of the company’s code of conduct and ethics and list and describe the company’s core values.

4. Gather sufficient information to make an informed conclusion about the ethical performance of a company. At a minimum, such information must include:

• Multiple news items illustrating ethical (community involvement, charitable activities, etc.) and unethical activities (illegal acts, fraud, unethical treatment of workers, mishandling of customer information, etc.)

• Ethics awards and honors

• Information about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings and performance (for example, from Yahoo! Finance)

• Information about competitiveness of employee compensation and benefits, how employees are treated and reputation of management (for example, from Glassdoor, where you can obtain ratings and comments)

• Any other information that helps you make an informed conclusion about the company’s ethical performance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above is not all-inclusive and there are other potential sources of information that can help you make your conclusion. What is important is that you provide a breadth of information from a variety of sources. Relying on just one or two pieces of information will be insufficient to support your conclusion and your grade will be lower as a result.

5. After gathering sufficient information about the ethical performance of your company, evaluate the company’s ethical performance based on its code of conduct and ethics and rate it on a scale of one to five, with one being the least ethical and five being the most ethical. When providing the rating, make certain that you describe how you reached your rating in terms of the information you gathered in Step 4.

6. State whether you would accept a job offer from the company and describe why or why not.

7. Provide access to the company’s code of conduct and ethics within the paper in the form of a link.

Five full, double-spaced, one-sided pages.

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