Identify a process or procedure that needs to be improved, writing homework help

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  • Identify a process or procedure that needs to be improved.
  • Outline the steps for improvement.
  • List the impact of your credibility on the outcome.
  • Determine leadership traits needed for implementation.


Challenge the Process

One important aspect of leadership as discussed in this week’s readings is the impact you can make on a process, procedure, or situation regardless of your leadership status. This week, you will be identifying an opportunity for change and doing something about it. To get motivated to act, watch this powerful short film, Prodigy.

1. Think of an opportunity for change in your own life or in a group/organization that you are associated with- at school, in the community, or at work. Examples might be an ineffective policy or procedure, a system that doesn’t work, meetings that waste people’s time, or something that could be done that isn’t being done now, such as returns at a bookstore, restaurant procedures, pursuing new technologies, or developing new customer groups.

2. Identify and list all the reasons people might give for not making a change. Determine which reasons are valid.

3. Explain the process you would go about to make the change. Or, if you did make the change, what was the process you followed?

4. Will you have to take any risks to get this implemented? If so, what are they?

5. What would happen if you did nothing? Why do people choose do nothing?

6. How does your credibility impact the results?

7. How does stepping out of your comfort zone make you a leader? What other traits does it show?

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