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You have reviewed your coursework and identified an issue/problem. You can rely on data sets or other information as needed. You may also use existing literature, governmental resources, and/or websites with archival or publically available datasets, if applicable to your study.

Your problem should be codified into a problem statement. The problem statement should describe what is known about the topic area as well as what remains unknown.

An example of a problem statement might be:

The incidence of amphetamine abuse among students in Arizona public high schools has increased dramatically in the past five years, and no programs have had demonstrable success in reducing this phenomenon (Scholarly literature supporting that assertion should be included here). This problem negatively impacts student retention and results in high rates of student drop-out. It is important for educators to examine how a drug abuse prevention workshop might reduce the incidence of amphetamine use in high-risk school environments. Without such interventions, drug abuse will continue to negatively impact students and communities throughout the state.

Notice how the topic reflects a problem in society (high school amphetamine abuse). There is a research problem, which reveals something unknown (if a drug prevention workshop might reduce high school drug abuse). Next there is the important process of justifying the research program. In this example, and in most situations, the main source of justification is evidence from scholarly literature.

If we take this topic idea further, your review of the literature might show:

1.There is a significant incidence of amphetamine abuse in high schools and it is a problem (evidence of drug overdoses, production of an atmosphere not conducive to learning, etc.);

2.There are sound theoretical or empirical reasons to believe training in drug prevention programs might have an effect; and

3.There are approaches have been used, successfully or not, and discuss whatever is known about the effectiveness of this particular method of drug abuse reduction.

For this assignment

For this assignment, draft an introduction to your issue/problem. The problem is Low academic expectations and poor support for special education students are ‘hurting their future’. My specialization is Instructional leadership

The purpose of the introduction paper is to provide the rationale for your issue/problem. You should write a 5 page paper where you:

1.Identify the issue/problem.

a.What is the nature of the problem or concern?

b.Who does it impact?

c.Why is it important to your specialization?

2.Discuss the types of data you will use, if any.

3.Include your problem statement.

4.Provide any additional information that will enhance understanding of the intended study so that suggestions and/or approvals may be made by your faculty instructor.

Length: 5 pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.No plagerism

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