identify significant concepts issues and ideas from each chapter of the course s textbook s

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identify significant concepts, issues, and ideas from each chapter of the course’s textbook(s), from class discussions, and from your own research and other appropriate sources. These concepts should be those that you believe could be useful in analyzing an organization and the situations that derive /occur in them. The revised approach simplifies the assignment.

List each concept, with a brief, one-line comment that captures something significant to know about it were you to apply it / employ it in the analysis of an organization/organizational situation. For each such concept, indicate briefly HOW to use it in analysis. Perhaps, a way to organize your checklist is to create three columns, one for the concept, one for your comment, and one for the application approach. Rows would then show each concept, with associated information for the concept in each column. However, whatever format works best for you , and is appropriate FOR YOUR USE later in your career, and is easy to use, is fine.

Be sure to organize your checklist in categories of information, similar to the table of contents of a good textbook on the subject for which you are developing the checklist. A long list of undifferentiated topics is not especially easy to use, now or later in your career. The checklist should be organized for application, and therefore, should be easy to find concepts (“tools “ ) that you could then use for analysis. Think of your checklist as a tool you create now for use throughout your career later.

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Bazerman, Max and Moore, Don A. Judgment In Managerial Decision – Making, John Wiley and Sons Inc, 8th Edition. Hoboken, New Jersey.2013

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