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This is the culmination of your marketing plan and will carry more weight in the grading. In this section you will detail the advertising and promotional activities you will use in your project.

You have many options regarding what IMC plans you create for your project and should select those that best fit your product/service/non-profit. You should also select those that interest you personally or professionally.

You are required to complete TWO advertising or promotional IMC items for your product or service.

There are two parts to your IMC assignment.
First, you will complete a creative brief for each of your activities. There is an example below.

Second, you will create an example or mock-up of your activity.(you can find an example of the mock-up here… . These examples will not cover all the options you might select for your IMC activities. They will, however, give you some ideas regarding what is expected of you. Generally, everything you need to do can be created in PowerPoint or similar applications.


Note that you are not expected to be a graphic artist or Website designer. Nor are you expected to create an entire social media campaign. You ARE expected to demonstrate that you have a basic understanding of the IMC activities you have selected.

Some IMC Options:

Here are just some of the options you have for an IMC activity. Select any TWO of these or add ideas of your own. You may use any one option ONCE. You must select two different activities.NO “flyers” allowed. Flyers are not marketing, they are wat you use to announce the school dance. These are ONLY suggestions – feel free to use your imagination.

Magazine print ad Radio ad
TV commercial Social media YouTube ad

Guerilla campaign

Direct mail
Direct email
Press release
Outdoor ad (billboard, bus ad, car wrap) Coupons

Trade show or event
Web site (create your landing page)

Regardless of which options you select, you will be required to complete a Creative Brief using a format similar to the one below.

Creative briefs:

Creative briefs are used as a standard template to communicate between those involved in a marketing communication project. This might be between an ad agency and their client or between marketing staff members and their director. The exact information and the template will vary from organization to organization, but the one below is fairly common.

In our class, you will use the brief to describe the IMC portion of your marketing plan. These will be included in your final written project and your presentation.

Your brief will not include the middle column.

The example below is for Puppy Palace, an upscale dog daycare faculty (yes, there are such things).

Process Step




What are you producing or doing? Keep this simple and short.

A 30 second video for our website and YouTube


Use the SMART model, but be brief. Be very specific.

The objective of the video is to increase our visibility and creative a differential advantage for our high-end product model. We want to

increase time on-site for our website and see XXX views on YouTube.

Target Audience

Use the same metrics that you used in your segmentation plan.

Our target audience for the video is upper middle to upper income, media savvy, well-educated and status conscious. These consumers see their dogs as members of the family and spend on them accordingly.

Key message

What is the one true thing you want your customer to believe as a result of this IMC activity? What should they think, believe and do as a result of this activity?

Puppy Palace is the premier choice for families that want the same daycare for their dogs that they would select for their children. As a result, they consider PP as the onlychoice for “real dog parents” The tone should be fun, engaging and informal.



What are the deliverables for this IMC activities?


Storyboard Shoot/location schedule Equipment list

30 second video formatted for the web and optimized for portable devices.

Deadlines and Mechanical requirements

This is the “nuts and bolts”. It includes printingrequirements, graphic design requirements, quantities, mailing details, deadlines, etc. It should include everything that the staff needs to execute the project.

Storyboard is due in 10 days. Production requirements in 15 days. Finished video in 30 days.

Video must be compatible with all major delivery modes. Backups must be secured. B-roll and raw footage to be delivered to the client.


What is this going to cost?

Project budget is $7500

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