Immigrants as Economic Contributors_ Immigrant Entrepreneurs – National Immigration Forum

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Write a 2-5-page essay and describe what obstacles or successes that you, a family member, friend, or co-worker experienced in trying to start a member as an immigrant here in the United States. Be sure to explain any apprehension, backlash, or achievements.

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• 12-point Times New Roman font

• Double-spaced

• 1-inch margins all around

• Must include a title

• Should be revised and edited for spelling, grammar, and other errors

• If references are used, correct citation in MLA style 8th edition is required (a pdf copy of the MLA style 8th edition is uploaded into the Populi portal for general access and reference for the students in this course).

• Word length or limit will be given for each assignment

• All completed papers will also be checked for plagiarism through an online AI program call Citation Machine. Any evidence of significant plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment.

• Note-Even though this course is resource-rich in terms of textbooks, articles, videos, and guides, I strongly urge all students in this course to use the online library here at Underwood University. Our university library has a variety of academic texts, books, peer-reviewed journals, studies, and videos that will greatly assist you in sourcing references for your essays.

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