impact of was on us history slides presentation

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Project #2 – Wars Impact on the United States

· Pick 4 of the following wars and analyze the results of each war. Your analysis must include how each war impacted American both culturally and politically and must be creative. You must explain and defend your conclusions with references to specific events and circumstances. Make sure that within each argument you address CAUSATION (that is, what were the Effects of the conflict) as well as point-of-view (take into account who benefited and who was hurt by each conflict) when analyzing Americas involvement in each conflict.



o Vietnam

o First Gulf War

· Create a slides presentation (Google Slides) that offers an analysis and explanation for how each of 4 wars you have chosen impacted the US both politically and culturally. Each argument (analysis of each of the 4 wars), must be accompanied by at least 2 images/pictures/political cartoons, etc… that communicate the wars impact both culturally and politically.
Thesis should be in the format of ALTHOUGH………ULTIMATELY

Sample Thesis for using the Although … ultimately format:

1)Although 10 million soldiers and 6 million civilians were killed in World War One , ultimately America emerged as the world’s greatest power and gave voting rights to women.

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