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Part IV – Creating Relational Tables

Continue to review the following Business Case Study:

Green, G. C. (2005). Greta’s Gym: A Teaching Case for Term-Long Database Projects. Journal Of Information Systems Education, 16(4), 387-390.

Link to article.

Systems Development Life Cycle

In this assignment, you will continue focusing on the implementation phase of the Systems Development Life Cycle, and begin building relational tables based on the case study and your entity relationship diagram (ERD) from Module 03.


After reviewing the case study, create relational tables, which is based on your data model and ERD diagram.

Items to be included with your submission

Your submission should contain a Microsoft Word document of at least 3-4 pages, (this does not include the cover page, table of contents, and references), you must include ALL items below for your project overview, with headers or page breaks separating each item.

Your submission should include the following:

  • Microsoft Word document that is at least 3-4 pages long
    • Title Page containing the project title, your name, and date of the assignment. Resource: Quick Guide on Formatting
    • Table of Contents: For questions on how to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word, please refer to Rasmussen Library resources or review the Microsoft Tutorial.
    • Contains a copy of your entity relationship diagram (ERD), explanation of the entities, attributes, and data types from Module 03.
    • Updated SQL code (must be saved in *.txt or *.sql format).
    • References Page – Include references and links to your research sources. Use APA documentation style consistently to cite any sources in your research. Resources: Quick Guide on References

Relational Tables Document and Code

Your assignment should include:

  • A copy of your ERD diagram from Module 03.
  • SQL code based on your ERD that will be used to begin creating your database and tables. Demonstrate your ability to make sophisticated use of information including the case study document, text materials, and other resources. You will utilize file transfer protocols (FTP) to both download and upload files to a website, database, or repository to begin building your database in the next module. SQL code must be saved in *.txt or *.sql format.
  • Your code must also include comments that describes the purpose of the code. For example:

    /*Builds [TABLE NAME] which contains customer information.*/

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