in Chapter six of Congress and Chapter sixteen of the Reader political science homework help

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answer in 4 pages

attached as an example of how the prof wants it to be cited!


1. In chapter six of Congress and chapter sixteen of the Reader, the ways that party leaders can influence their members are discussed. Elaborate the various ways—both direct and indirect—that leaders can influence, at times even control, members. How successful are party leaders?

2. In chapter eighteen of the Reader, the three “principals” of committees (home constituencies, the party, and the parent chamber) are discussed. This overlaps with chapter seven of Congress, which addresses the three theories of committee behavior. Examine these theories of committees and explain which one makes the most sense.

3. Rules matter. Both chapter eight in Congress and chapter twenty-two in the Reader examine how the majority in Congress can “get its way.” Explain several of the key ways that the majority party can do this, especially in the House. What are the limits to the majority wielding its power?

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