In search of Hurricane Katrina where do hurricanes get their power environmental science homework help

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Conduct an Internet search for scientific information regarding Hurricane Katrina. Answer the following questions: (in full sentence)

13. Where do hurricanes get their power?

14. Over Florida, Hurricane Katrina was only a category 1 hurricane. Why was damage in Florida so great?

15. Before the Hurricane Katrina disaster, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was taken out of the White House and placed in the Department of Homeland Security. What was the main problem with this in regard to Hurricane Katrina?

16. What role did money and the Army Corps of Engineers play in the disaster, and specifically the New Orleans canals?

17. Name four problems with the levees that led to flooding. In other words, why did the levees break?

18. Was a hurricane of this intensity expected? If yes, who predicted it?

19. What were the causes of the flooding in New Orleans? Include the role of Lake Pontchartrain.

20. Was this magnitude of a disaster expected? Please elaborate beyond ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

21. Could the damage and loss of life been prevented? If yes, how?

22. Opinion question here… Should we rebuild New Orleans? Why or why not?

23. Assuming we rebuild all of New Orleans, what steps should we take to prevent this from happening again?

24. Another opinion question… Is increased (or decreased) hurricane activity related to climate change? Why or why not?

1.Where do hurricanes get their power?

2.Over Florida, Hurricane Katrina was a category 1 hurricane, Why was damage in florida so great?

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