In what ways are finances in a company reflective of a company’s values? , management homework help

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Research financial ethics using the recommended reading articles, corporate websites, and other articles you find concerning ethics in finance. Financial ethics in this sense is a broad term covering most areas of business ethics. Create a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation about financial ethics, using the following questions as guidelines in preparing your PowerPoint:

  1. In what ways are finances in a company reflective of a company’s values? Consider things like budgets, debt, investments, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and capital management.
  2. How has a specific organization dealt with a breach of financial ethics in the past? Was the reaction sufficient?
  3. What ethical guidelines pertaining to finance should an organization develop beyond the legal requirements? Give examples of good policies pertaining to ethics in finance.

Use APA citations and include a reference slide.Please add notes for each slide. Please use and cite at least three sources, including at least one peer-reviewed or scholarly article.

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