in your research project your task is to analyze what community policing is and what it is no

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Community policing has been a major trend in U.S. policing since 1980s. In 1999, nearly two-thirds of county and municipal police departments with 100 or more officers had a formally written community-policing plan. Although it is widely adopted, there is still confusion about community policing, what it might be expected to accomplish, and how or why it might be expected to work where other strategies have failed.

In your research project, your task is to analyze what community policing is and what it is not.

This is what you are expected to do in your project:

  1. Explain community policing strategy/philosophy
  2. Compare community policing to traditional policing
  3. Identify and briefly explain the common elements of community policing programs
  4. Explain a real life community policing program that is considered successful (like Coffee with a Cop)
  5. Discuss the criticisms of community policing

Your research paper is expected to be between 500-600 words and double-spaced. Please use Times New Roman, Font-12.

Please use proper headings for each part of your paper.

You are expected to use and cite at least three academic sources (books and journals, no websites allowed), and you are not allowed to use more than two direct quotes (twenty words or less each). You may use your textbook as one your three sources.

Your research paper must be formatted in the APA citation method.

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