individual reflection memo assignment the individual assignment for the ethics in management course is to document and analyze an ethical dilemma that you have experienced personally in an organizational setting i e school work sports team etc an 5

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Individual Reflection Memo assignment

The individual assignment for the Ethics in Management course is to document and analyze an ethical dilemma that you have experienced personally in an organizational setting (i.e. school, work, sports team, etc.). An ethical dilemma is a situation involving a conflict among responsibilities. The dilemma you develop should still be “well balanced” so that its resolution poses a true ethical challenge requiring a tradeoff of legitimate responsibilities. You will have to develop moral arguments on both sides of your dilemma; this will be difficult to do convincingly if it is simply a choice between an obvious “right thing to do” and some other course of action which would be generally considered “wrong.”

Alternatively, if you feel strongly about what the “correct” action is, then you may analyze your dilemma through the Giving Voice to Values (or GVV) criteria.In this instance, you take an ethical stance and try to convince the other party(ies) involved to change their decision to a more ethical one.This is especially relevant when dealing with more black and white situations (such as altering financial data for one’s personal gain) whereby it is hard to argue both sides such that the better exercise is develop arguments to the person, or persons, being unethical

The learning objective of this assignment is to place the concepts of the course in a context that is relevant to you personally. The evaluation objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of the basic concepts of the course to date, in particular, identification of ethical dilemmas as a conflict of legitimate responsibilities among stakeholder positions, as well as use of different forms of moral reasoning.

In terms of GVV, the learning objective is to learn how to frame appropriate arguments for a real world ethical situation you have faced such that you will be better equipped if, and sadly when, you encounter a similar situation.

Students are advised to submit a brief typed summary of the dilemma about which they are discussing to the instructor no later than May 19, 2020.This submission is not for marks and is used to ensure that students are preparing an assignment within the above guidelines. The instructor will advise as to whether or not the case is acceptable.The purpose of the summary submission is to make sure that the subject matter chosen is appropriate and that, in the opinion of the instructor, there is an acceptable amount of material that can be covered within the page limits.

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