infectious disease

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For this assignment you will complete a Basic Concept Map based on an exemplar condition, disorder, or disease process. The Concept Map will include the following:

  • Assessment Data
    • Recognizing cues, consider subjective and objective data. 
    • Analyze cues
  • Prioritize hypothesis
    • Should be prioritized based on most urgent/important
  • Generate solutions for each prioritized problem 
  • Take action
    • Interventions with Rationale
      • Must cite rationale
  • Evaluation 
  • Topic- HIV

Name________________________ Clinical Judgment Concept Map

Recognizing Cues:
Assessment (VS/Subj./Obj./Labs/Diagnostics/Risk Factors/Psychosocial):











**May have more than 10 cues

Prioritize Hypotheses:
Nursing Problem Statements or Nursing Diagnosis. Should be prioritized. Consider physiological problems or actual problems followed by at risk problems.

Generate Solutions:
Planning. What do you want as an outcome for your client? Goals should be SMART goals.

Evaluate Outcomes:
Evaluation. Did your
actions result in the desired outcome for your client?

Interventions. What will you do to help improve your client’s condition or prevent further deterioration? Consider your prioritized hypothesis.

Analyze Cues:
Analysis. What do you think might be going on with the client? What does it mean?

Adapted from Nurse Tim FA21 Rev. 07.2022

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