Inflammatory Response Discussion

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Part 1: 

Use the following link to learn how to find and evaluate an online source: information-it-reliable#whereLinks to an external site.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Locate a current (medical or scientific) news or journal article based on one of the topics listed below:
    • Inflammatory Response (ch 6)
    • Antibodies/Antigens (ch 7)
    • Type II Hypersensitivity (ch 8)
    • Type IV Hypersensitivity (ch 8)
      Note: As you read through the article, think about how it connects to Pathophysiology and why is it relevant.
  2. Provide a write-up summarizing  the article.  Within your document, include how the information connects to Pathophysiology, and why it is relevant. 
  3. Part 2: Discussion about T cells and B cells and vaccines. Click on Links to an external site. to learn the basics about how a vaccine works
  4. Discussion Assignment: Explain the difference between basic T cells and B cells as they relate to a vaccine. Additionally, briefly explain the interplay between the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system and the inflammatory mediators.

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