​Info system Analysis and Communication

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Info system Analysis & Communication

S4DB1 – Spend no more than 30 minutes using MS Visio or draw.io, create a Context Diagram to display an efficient and effective user interface for a website, or a billing invoice, or something similar. An example would be to graphically display the checkout form from www.amazon.com. Using MS Visio draft the input fields, show the data entry flow, describe the ease of use, etc. (250-300 words)

S4DB2 – Traditional vs. Web-Based Systems Development. As a Leader, you must consider whether to utilize a traditional development environment or utilize a web-centric framework for the New Century Health Wellness Group. Prepare a report to compare and contrast the benefits and disadvantages for each potential solution. (250-300 words)

Bus info System, security, risk, quality

DB1-After reading “An Introduction to Data Mining” and the relevant portions from the Baltzan book, what are your thoughts about Data Mining? How has it changed the way we do business? What competitive advantages can our businesses gain from utilizing Data Mining? What caveats do businesses need to account for when utilizing this data? (250-300 words)

DB2-Critical Business Thinking #3 – Data Storage in Balzan. In a 2-3-page paper, answer the questions regarding Cloud Computing and data storage. Also answer the following: What are the ramifications for businesses storing data in the cloud? What security risks are present? How are they mitigated? What are your thoughts overall on the concept of Cloud Computing?

Write this DB in 2-3 pages

DB3-In chapter 6 of Baltzan, you read about the Business Benefits of High Quality Information. Information drives our businesses today. Provide your views on the four primary traits Baltzan listed regarding information. Do you agree with the premise offered? Why or why not

(250-300 words)

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