instructions for critical reflection post assignments

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I want to take this opportunity to review the critical reflection post #1 assignment and convey my expectations ahead of its due date/time.

At the undergraduate-level university experience, there have been few activities that can be more beneficial to reading and individual reflection to determine student success. It is so important that you keep up with readings and employ strong reading skills. At two points within the course, you will be expected to pair a reading with a relevant example in the mass media and connect this to what you have learned about an ethical theme, topic, theory, concept, or principle discussed in the course thus far.

Your reflection assignment is to be written in a personal journal style (first person) and posted to the corresponding discussion forum here on Brightspace under ‘Assessments’ then ‘Discussions.’ Simply click on the appropriate assignment discussion forum (i.e. ‘Critical Reflection Post #1) and select ‘Start a New Thread.’ Your post should include hyperlinks to the article you are reflecting on and proper APA referencing to the chapter in the text, lecture material(s), and/or any other source(s) that you wish to use in demonstrating a connection. The post should generally be approximately 300-500 words. The goal of this exercise will be to ensure you are getting the most from your reading and for you to begin appreciating the media while thinking critically about current issues and events.

Consult the course outline for due date/times. No late submissions will be permitted (the discussion forum will automatically close).

For your added convenience, I am also attaching a rubric that we will follow in evaluating your posts.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me should you have any questions or concerns

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