intermediate algebra discussion with 2 student replys

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1. Learning math in an online class environment may be one of the most challenging classes a college student may encounter. If you are to give an advice to a student who will be taking an online class for the first time, what advice would you give to the student to ensure his/her success in learning math through distance education? (17 points)

2. Reply to at least two classmates’ posts with substantive feedback to follow his/her discussion.



Good morning Professor and Fellow Classmates :

In response to question 1 that says learning in an online class environment may be one of the most challenging classes a college student may encounter. If i was to give advice to a student who will be taking an online class for the first time the advice i would give them is to take your time and learn the modules discussions and homework assignments me being a first time student online am having difficulty myself but i am trying my best don’t just rush through your assignments homework quizzes etc….. make sure you fully understand the material that is being given to you. So that if you are a student who is like me you will successfully pass your course and wont have to repeat the course over and over again. if you need help with anything dont hesitate to ask the instructor for help they will give you feedback on your discussions but always always always go back and fix what the instructor advices you to fix also make sure that you complete your assignments and everything on time so that you dont miss any deadlines or turn in anything late to get full credit instead of partial or none at all. Partial credit to me is better than none at all because it shows that at least you made an attempt to complete the assignment. Also always make sure you are at least maintaining a C on your quizzes, classwork and homework assignments maybe even try to get an A

i have struggled with math my whole life and this is my first time taking a class online i wish at the time there was something like this discussion to help me with this online course but then again i am the type of person that will try anything once and then ask for help if im having a problem but thats just the way i am. Please take the feedback and support of your family and friends to heart because if you are a student like me that is what you need is positive reinforcemetns



Alyssa Himko

Math 55

Taking an online class is more difficult then you would think. If I were to give advice on how to succeed in an online class I would have to say the biggest thing you need to master is time management. Setting up a schedule to get your work done in the most efficient way possible. It’s easy to get lost in the lectures because you can’t interact with the teacher until the designated times, so using outside resources and the textbook come in handy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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