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This assignment is built upon the understanding of security in social media. Students are asked to digest and investigate further. Here are the problems. Save the answer as “yournameSecurity.pdf”

  • What is ransomware?
  • Image you are a security specialist in a company Z in which you are responsible for or charged drafting a social media use strategy and use policy. You need to answer the following questions:

How is it happened to a victim’s device or database?

What are possible solutions when a device or a system or a database locked by a ransomware?

How to mitigate such threat for general users?

a) What are the potential business values by using social media for the company’s business?

b) what are the potential threats to the company secure network by opening social media applications?

c) if the company Z decides to use social media applications for its business, what are the use policy and best practices?

d) How do you know if a social media account in the company network might be compromised or not? and

e) What interventions could you exploit?

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