internship application at MasterCard

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Hello, I am applying for an internship at MasterCard. I need answers for these questions. I can provide you with more personal information when I assign you the work. These questions are below:

1- What is it that interests you in the internship program? Why do you consider this to be a good opportunity? (min. 300 words)

2- In your opinion, what do you think makes you a unique candidate?(min. 300 words)

3- How would this program help you meet your career and academic goals?

4- Talk about yourself and your interest in the field.

5-Describe any relevant experiences and projects you have completed in your field of interest.

More information about the internship program I am applying for can be found below:

Department: North America Small Business Segment-NAM Core Products. Responsible for driving the small business segment through our banks, processors, merchants, etc. by creating needs based, customer centric solutions that help businesses run and grow.

Context and scope of team/role: This team represents the small business segment for North America including US and Canada and is the lead within the organization around strategy, solutions and thought leadership.

Specific projects / major accountabilities, expected deliverables:

  • Market intelligence research
  • Researching potential fintech third party partners
  • Scoping out small business co-brand opportunities
  • Pulling of various data points and working with the team to create insights
  • Assist in current market research projects around digital and high spend small business owners

How will this role support Intern in learning about Mastercard’s core businesses: Small business owners are also consumers and working with this team affords an opportunity to learn across our services and solutions since they use so many in the day to day of running their business and personal financial life. The intern will receive ongoing feedback throughout the 10 week program and the performance will be reviewed in the middle and at the end of the internship to continuously provide coaching and learning opportunities.

Knowledge/skills needed for this project:

  • Ability to do general research
  • Basic understanding of data
  • Proficient in Microsoft suite of products such as PowerPoint, Excel
  • Have a desire to participate with clients and across teams in a high performance environment

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